Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services provide cyber security protections, and are delivered by a vendor that acts as an extension of clients’ IT departments.

The remote monitoring or management of IT security functions delivered via shared services from remote security operations centers, not through personnel on-site.

In essence, the MSSP delivers the necessary defenses against cyber security risks an organization needs, including real-time threat intelligence, for the client. The customer does not need to deal either with a shortage of talent, or with having to hire or retain employees. Not only does this approach alleviate overhead for the enterprise, it also allows existing staff to focus on their unique areas of skill and generate revenue.

In many instances, access to MSSP services has remained the luxury of large businesses, government agencies, or other entities with big budgets. A common misconception among small and mid-sized enterprises has been that they cannot afford enterprise-grade cyber defenses. Fortunately, that is not actually the case. Cyberwise, for example, offers smaller organizations the same capabilities and services that were once only available to larger firms, at an affordable monthly rate. Cyberwise then goes a step further by managing clients’ entire network, IT, and security environments through a single pane of glass. All this drives operational efficiencies and savings, enabling customers to self-fund cyber security investments. We invite you to talk with us to learn how we can help meet your cyber security needs.

Today, it is necessary to use so many different products in many layers to ensure cyber security. It is very difficult for companies to develop expertise in all these products and to keep their products at a high level of protection at all times with appropriate security settings. For this, there is a need for sufficient human resources and continuous technical training of these skills. Such situations create difficulties for companies in providing security products and services properly. At this point, purchasing security products from authorized companies that service provided as a managed security services.

 Health Check

  • Focus on Own Core Business
  • Measurable Response Time
  • Business Continuity and Efficiency
  • Multiple and Holistic Expertise
  • Resource Optimization
  • Technical Labor Savings
  • Compability
  • Low Cost of Ownership and Fixed Costs
  • Managed Firewall Services
  • Managed Web Security Services
  • Managed E-Mail Security Services
  • Managed Data Security Services
  • Managed Priviledge Access Security Services
  • Managed Endpoint Security Services
  • Managed Data Classification Security Services
  • Managed Mobile Security Services
  • Managed Endpoint Threat Detection
    and Response Services
  • Managed Microsoft Security Services

Managed security services are provided as services within the scope outlined below, pertaining to managed devices/products.

Support + Packages
Teams: L1 + L2 + L3 (Local Support + Yönetilen Hizmet)
Local Support
Daily Operation
Product Training (No Class Education)
Case Reporting
Standard Health Check Service
Upgrade / Update
Disaster Site Testing
Product Setup / Installing

Cyberwise Support Service Packages

Services Support Package Support + Package Support Premium Package
Local Support
Daily Operation X X
Product Training (No Class Education)
Case Reporting
Standard Health Check Service
Advanced Health Check Service X X
Upgrade / Update
Best Practice & Product & Topology Review X X
Disaster Site Testing
Product Setup & Installing
Consulting Servies X X