Vulnerability Management

Service for selecting the right governance software for vulnerability management, installation and remote operation. Service scope covers all consultancy and expert support for fixing all the vulnerabilities, reporting, inventory management.

Service to provide continuous discovery and testing of all systems that may pose a risk to the organization, and necessary penetration tests and vulnerability scans are carried out in certain periods. It ensures that applications are tested before production deployment, continuously tested on production., All detected vulnerabilities managed by vulnerability management software, with the aim to ensure that the organization is constantly ready for new threats, weaknesses are eliminated, and defence score is increased over time.

Service to determine the possible vulnerabilities by inventory management and tagging. Service score includes notifications for new vulnerability information, vulnerability trends. This service can merged with vulnerability management service and continuous penetration testing.

Service to determine possible threats to customers ../public inftrastructure like e-mail, social media accounts, ../public network range. Service scope includes live notifications for possible threats by continuously monitoring search engines, deepweb and social media using OSINT methods.

Risks that may arise from business partners, merchants, or suppliers are managed on behalf of the organization with a vulnerability and threat management approach and risk scoring is carried out according to various categories. Support is provided to manage assets, prioritize risks and vulnerabilities, and eliminate them.