Cloud Security

Organizations are going through significant digital transformation in information technologies. This transformation has dramatically increased the importance of cloud technologies. The transition of organizations to SaaS applications and users to the remote working method, the shift of data from traditional data centers to cloud services, the rise in MPLS costs, the increase in traffic from remote offices to cloud services instead of the office data center, the formation of SD-WAN architectures cause security needs to take different forms.

For all these sets of needs, SASE can offer WAN architecture and network security functions over a single and cloud-based model. With the ""Security-As-A-Service"" model, various security functions such as firewall, IPS, SSL/TLS debugging, sandboxing, DLP, CASB can be modeled as User-Centered management services and "Zero Trust Network Access".

Managing data at every point is a very crucial need in a world where the number of cloud applications is increasing, organizations are starting to transfer their data to Public-Cloud environments, and the users are practically everywhere.

CASB, acting as a parser and distributor in between the corporate network and cloud applications, can offer many security functions such as ShadowIT detection, the listing of Defined-Undefined SaaS applications, encryption of data in cloud applications, SSO, device profiling, and logging and malware detection.