Endpoint and Mobile Security

Endpoint security is one of the indispensable and most important solution sets for organizations. It is an inevitable fact that attackers will target an endpoint in the attack lifecycle. Prevention and protection mechanisms should be extended to user computers, workstations, servers, and mobile devices.

Traditionally, anti-virus systems have now become endpoint protection platforms. It provides a protection mechanism with multi-functional features including anti-malware, host firewall, and IPS, behavior analysis, machine learning-based exploit prevention, device control, application control, Active Directory protection, and EDR capabilities.

Today's data centers have become Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC). Many topics such as compression and hardening, host-based IPS control, Application Whitelist management, file, and system tamper protection have become the security function of server and virtualization platforms in next-generation data centers.

It is clear that mobile devices, which are increasingly used in business life, enhance productivity for both employees and companies, and bring benefits such as the ability to work mobile in any environment and access resources. However, "mobile security solutions" are required to use these devices by company security policies, to control which resources users can access and how, and to be protected from rapidly increasing threats in the mobile world. These solutions ensure that e-mails, files, and other resources containing sensitive data can be used internally and externally, in a way that does not cause any security vulnerabilities or data leaks. When corporate or personal devices are lost, it prevents critical data from falling into other people’s hands through a secondary authorization method.

With mobile device management (MDM), mobile application and content management, and secure mobile access solutions, it is possible to manage smart devices in line with corporate security policies and to use different security levels and policies effectively based on location.

In addition, with Mobile security solutions (Enterprise Mobile Security), you can protect your organization and its resources with machine learning-based measures against threats arising from rooted devices, phishing, or mobile applications.