Original Solution

99% of attacks use vulnerabilities that have been known for more than 6 months. Traditional vulnerability management tools are insufficient for rapidly closing vulnerabilities that have a high impact on your business! Bizzy is a risk and vulnerability management platform that maps information from multiple data sources using machine learning. Bizzy consolidates, classifies, prioritizes your vulnerabilities, and provides effective risk management. Bizzy, which is used by nearly 20 organizations in a variety of industries including telecommunications, finance, energy, automotive, defense, and retail, is now used internationally.

Developed to effectively manage all the processes involved in Corporate Information Security Management, ISMart facilitates the deployment and maintenance of ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO27002 standards. As an effective and sustainable ISMS tool, ISMart accelerates, records, and reports compliance with the standard.

SIGNart is an e-signature library with a proven and strong technical architecture that provides electronic signature in accordance with international standards via a common interface for HSM, smart card, and mobile signature.